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choir of like 50 people used to replace one guys part in the song, still awesome either way with the orchestra

All I want is my face to be sat on and to rub/spank a butt during said sitting and all I’ve got is a dumb elbow swelling (literally like a golf ball on my elbow, or popeye), I’m hungry as fuck and I’m a terrible shitlord.

dontwastegoodlipgloss asked: Soooooo?!

3 kinds of meds and yeah, it’ll take ages for it to go away, oh and it’ll get worse before it gets better, fucking elbows.

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Sword - Bleach 577

dontwastegoodlipgloss asked: How'd it go?

appointment is tomorrow, im a dingus, haha.

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That reaction.. - Vine by Hunter Douglas

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